When my clownfish suddenly laid eggs, I searched all over the internet for information on how to raise the clownfish fry. I searched many of the saltwater fish forums and found some information from other people. After a couple failed batches, I found a method that works. Most saltwater fish can be difficult to breed, although clownfish are fairly easy once you have a good stock of rotifers. Follow the steps here to raise your clownfish eggs to full grown saltwater fish. You might even be able to get some cash or store credit from your local fish store.
Culturing Plankton

Raising Rotifers

Step 1 - A Breeding Pair of Clownfish

Step 2 - Preparations for Clownfish Fry

Step 3 - Hatch Night

Step 4 - Fry Feeding & Care

Clownfish Metamorphosis

Recommended Stores

Saltwater Fish Care

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