If you are serious about keeping clownfish in you saltwater aquarium, care must be taken to ensure they live long and healthy lives.  One of the most important things to consider when keeping clownfish in you aquarium is the water quality.

Clean Water = Happy Clownfish

As mentioned in other posts, water quality can be greatly improved by getting a protein skimmer.  Few things help to ensure happy fish other than a protein skimmer.  Clean water can also be achieved by changing your saltwater aquarium water and changing it often.  Salt mix and reverse osmosis water can get expensive, but this all comes with the hobby.  Nobody said this was a cheap hobby.  By the time you figure in power use, water, and food, this hobby can run almost $100 / month.  Spend the money upfront now and get a protein skimmer.  If you want your clownfish to breed, they must be happy.

Different Species Behave Differently

Different species of clownfish have different behaviors and characteristics.  Some are more aggressive than others.  Maroon clownfish have aggressive tempers and should be avoided if you can.  A more docile species such as Percula and Ocellarias should be chosen for breeding purposes and they tend to have the best success.  I have seen several maroon clownfish fight with each other until the death.  If you want to put multiple aggressive clownfish in the same aquarium, make sure they are young and are put into the tank at the same time.

Clownfish Food

Food makes a big difference in a clownfish’s life.  Make sure the food you are feeding them contains the nutrients they need to survive.  Many flake foods do not contain enough vitamins to keep your fish healthy.  Whenever possible use frozen food such as mysis shrimp and variety frozen food such as marine cuisine.  There is quality flake food out there just make sure it actually contains seafood in it as opposed to wheat and corn meal.

 Buy Young Clownfish

Whenever possible, purchase clownfish from a young age when they are 1″ or less.  This will allow them to grow up together and will cause less dominance issues.  It also will help your clownfish to eventually breed as they will become a mated pair.  Over time they will fight and determine which clownfish is dominant.  Eventually they will become a mated pair and if you are lucky start laying eggs.

Clownfish Are Pretty Much The Best Fish You Can Have In Your Saltwater Aquarium

Clownfish are typically an inexpensive fish at the local fish store.  They also add a ton of color to your aquarium with their bright colors.  Their personalities make the aquarium much more interesting to watch.  Do your research before and you can add a rewarding clownfish to your aquarium.  Always pick a healthy looking specimen from a trusted dealer.  This will go a long way to keeping your clownfish for many years to come.  Clownfish have been known to live in captivity for almost 10 years.  Keep yours happy and you can have a perfect fish for many years to come.

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